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Sandra Yuen

Acrylic Painting


Sandra Yuen is a Canadian-born Chinese visual artist who works and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has works mainly in acrylic painting for the last fifteen years. Art is her passion and part of her healing and journey of recovery from illness. She wants to spread hope and optimism through these pieces, drawing from the depths of struggle transformed into a new entity, a rebirth. She paints in a variety of genres, but her work is identifiable by her palette and application, smooth textures and pure paint out of the tube.

Her father was an architect who taught her aspects of design and perspective. Sandra recycles canvases, letting the older work permeate through in a raw and edgy style. Intensity, value and hues make her work vibrant and joyful.

She has explored abstraction, cityscapes, people paintings, animals and landscapes. Also she has worked in florals for the past few years. She responds to their curvaceous forms and the luscious colours of the blossoms which are a delight to paint. She works from photographs she’s taken in her neighbourhood. Beauty in nature comes with the seasons, but through painting, one can preserve a moment in time.

She is also a published author and speaker on mental health.