About The Shop

The Shop at CityScape Community Art Space is dedicated to the promotion and sale of small works by local markers.



Website: https://www.scandinazn.com/

Scandinazn’s handmade jewellery and hair accessories are influenced by the bold colours and simplicity of scandinazn (Scandinavian – Japanese) design. They use recycled materials wherever possible, and focus almost exclusively on pieces made with repurposed leather, and more recently, second hand kimono silk. They incorporate painting, marbling, and traditional jewellery making techniques into our process. 

Scandinazn crafts imaginative jewellery, inspired by the geometric shapes and pops of colour in Scandinavian design and the subtle handmade intricacies of Japanese art – inspired by designer Jamie Carlson’s heritage. Using discarded leather as the main material component, Scandinazn is all about promoting creative self-expression and sustainability through ethically-made jewellery.