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Sharka Leigh



Website: sharkaleigh.com

Email: info@sharkaleigh.com

Sharka Leigh is an acrylic painter from North Vancouver. She paints varied subject matter, though she most often focuses on her favourite animal, cows. Her work is recognizable by its combination of composition, unusual subject matter and detailed style.

Sharka paints cows because they have a strong presence that makes most people smile. Her emphasis on capturing the affection and personality in the subject’s face shows through every time. This is accomplished by focusing on the colours, the eyes and of course, an interesting pose.

Whenever Sharka gets “stuck” in her art she tries something new – she even paints in abstract form. Her art is a journey, and she tries to expand her knowledge every year. She also likes to inspire others through teaching, it’s one of her favourite things. To see someone start with a blank canvas and finish their first masterpiece is its own reward.