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Sharon Quirke

Acrylic, Pottery/Ceramics

Canadian artist, Sharon Quirke, explores her vast country by layering colour and emotion on canvases brushed with fresh air. Her acrylics are bold and dynamic.

“The rush of beauty that infuses each captured moment sustains & directs us.”

In bold and dramatic style, Sharon Quirke’s latest work captures the spirit of rugged adventure in the Pacific Northwest. Seascapes, landscapes and cityscapes are swept with fresh air, and present images, colors and emotions layered on canvases that move with the fluidity and unexpected sensations of light.

The work is recognized as unique and vibrant, and is represented in galleries, and private and corporate collections, throughout Canada and the USA. Quirke was born in Vancouver. She grew up on the Canadian north coast in Prince Rupert and on the American east coast in New York City. She has taught and studied in schools and universities across Canada. She lives in West Vancouver where, with the support of her husband and three sons, she paints and teaches, and continues to be involved in local and national community art projects.