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Shawn Stibbards


Self-taught, Stibbards expands upon the methods of mid-century abstract expressionism, hard-edge painting and pop art. His paintings draw upon images found in the popular media. By dislocating these images, rearranging, and juxtaposing them in unexpected ways, he subverts and challenges popular narratives. He seeks to evoke sharp reactions in the viewer.

Stibbards lives and works in North Vancouver. His work has been exhibited in both Canada and the United States.




26″ x 36″
Acrylic on canvas

Superimpose by Shawn Stibbards

Superimpose –
56″ x 42″
rental $310

Up or Down by Shawn Stibbards

Up or Down
Acrylic on board
10″ x 10″

Shotgun by Shawn Stibbards

Acrylic on board
24″ x 20″

See No Evil by Shawn Stibbards

See No Evil 16″ by 16″ Acrylic on board $400

Reclining by Shawn Stibbards

Acrylic on canvas
58″ x 40″

Mid-Century by Shawn Stibbards

Acrylic on board
16″ x 16″

Hard Serve by Shawn Stibbards

Hard Serve
Acrylic on board
10″ x 10″