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Stephen Cowell




I live in Deep Cove and find the scenery exciting and always changing. Painting this area comes naturally, it even drives me.

Canada has been my home since arriving in Vancouver at 19 while traveling. The Vancouver area has been my home though I have lived in Northern BC and on a farm in Alberta. I have now lived in Deep Cove for over 25 years.

My love of art probably started as a toddler while being carted around art museums and galleries in London, England. I was enthralled by both the Tate and the British National Gallery and I still am. Joseph Mallord William Turner was the first artist who strongly caught my imagination. I was nine at that time. Turner’s work fitted with my love of ships and the sea. I soon also loved the work of the Impressionists, who are still ‘with me’.

As an adult, I originally explored drawing and painting formally through joining a drawing class to encourage my very artistic daughter. This led to me taking many years of painting classes. My teacher and mentor, James Picard, encouraged me to paint every different kind of work, every kind of subject, and style, every day. I still continue to vary my subject matter, style and sometimes medium. I originally started out painting people and groups, showing their interactions. I am currently loving working on local seascapes. I like realism, but I love to take the liberties of impressionism, I think it builds interest and excitement in my work. I have mastered many techniques of oil painting