Stephie Blundell



Studio: 335 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver BC V7M 2G3 ·

Email: stephanieb@northvanarts.ca

Stephie is a versatile artist, specializing in sculpture, short film, creative writing, photography, and illustration. She holds a First-Class Honours BA Degree in Interaction Design Arts from the University of Arts London. Over the past decade, she’s been dedicated to fostering positive change by collaborating with local authorities and institutions in the UK and Canada. Her work emphasizes inclusivity, particularly for marginalized communities, such as adults and seniors facing challenges like mental health issues and social isolation. These experiences and values deeply influence her artistic approach.

Stephanie’s belief in the power of active thinking and dissent was shaped during her formative years. She has realized that we often fight for the wrong things and aims to inspire people to fight for themselves in a world that often seeks to keep us uninformed. Through her artwork, she intends to awaken individuals to see beyond surface appearances and take an active role in their own lives.

Stephanie’s art challenges traditional notions of aesthetics and encourages people to see the beauty in found, everyday, and mundane objects. She invites people to interact, play, and engage with their surroundings in new and creative ways, promoting a more interesting and fun life.

Furthermore, Stephanie believes in challenging conventional art criticism and highlights the influence of cultural, social, and historical contexts on art interpretation. She emphasizes that art is not static but is continually shaped by the viewer’s perspective and the society in which it exists.

Stephanie’s art practice focuses on exploring the realm of relational aesthetics, where art is seen as a means of exchanging information and empowering viewers to enact change in the world. She opposes mass-produced art and delves into the impact of technology and mass reproduction on the authenticity and value of art.

In her recent work, Stephanie has been examining the role of art museums in society. She advocates for participatory and community-led museum experiences that are free and inclusive. Her commitment to reimagining the role of museums reflects her dedication to making art accessible to all.

In her personal creative journey, Stephanie values self-taught methods and embraces the challenge of figuring things out independently. She finds authenticity in the process and uniqueness in her individual perspective. Her belief in the beauty of the journey and the importance of personal experiences and thoughts guide her artistic endeavors.

In summary, Stephanie’s artistic journey is marked by a deep commitment to social change, active thinking, and a passion for transforming everyday life into a more engaging and meaningful experience. Her art reflects her values, beliefs, and dedication to fostering positive change in the world.