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Stuart Browning



Studio: 1950 Westover Road, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3J3

Website: browningstainedglass.com

Email: stuartbrowning@shaw.ca

Phone: 604-908-9182

Stuart was born in Vancouver, living much of his life on the West Coast. Recently returning to the North Shore from Richmond he is inspired by our massive West Coast forests, streams, rivers and water scenes. An ongoing interest in both Asian and North West Coast Native Art is reflected in many of his pieces.

Fascinated by the interplay of light on glass, Stuart was captivated by the possibilities stained glass design presented during his studies at Vancouver School of Art in the 1960’s. He continues to explore stained, bevelled, opaque, obscure, etched and sand blasted glass today.

Graduating from Vancouver School of Art in Advanced Design in 1967, Stuart won a design competition to create 8 windows for West Vancouver United Church. The development of Biblical scenes harks back to the original reasons for stained glass expression. A further commission for 32 windows in South Burnaby United Church allowed him to import hand blown European glass and create a modern interpretation of the scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments.

Private commissions are the cornerstone of Stuart’s work. These often feature landscapes which hold special meaning to the client. These are meticulously rendered to open out the area or obscure difficult or distracting elements outside the property. Archival windows are also able to be skillfully reworked sustaining a piece which is crucial to a heritage home.

Stuart maintains an in home studio and display area, and would be pleased to assist you in developing your project ideas.