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Theresa Wimbles

Whether I’m painting, illustrating or taking photos, mindful contemplation and the exploration of what life and nature’s beauty represents is at the center of my art.

My creative experience is an up close and personal view of the natural, as sensual rythmn meets concrete abstract, realism and organic meet shape, color and line. 

I create from childhood memories of drawing and painting in my father’s studio, days spent outdoors on west coast beaches, hiking local mountains, or simply observing life from a creative place.

My father stands out as a profound influence in my work, he taught me to exude passion in everything I do and to approach life and the creative process from a place of love, compassion and respect. Other major influences include artists Emily Carr, The Group of Seven, and the art and spirituality of the west coast indigenous people.

I am constantly striving to creatively protray my true-life experiences in my ever-evolving work. I use a diversity of mediums to convey a visual remembrance, a trance like state for the viewer’s imagination to ponder closely, and to reflect in the wonder of nature’s pure and complex beauty.

I hope you enjoy the view! Peace, health and happiness.