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Thom Harvey Kline

Photomontage, film and sculpture

“I entered the Vancouver School of Art in 1969 to pursue my continuing photography work.  Here I was introduced to sculpture and found the world of 3D.  BCIT led to a career in the building environment and working with major architectural firms in Vancouver.  Retiring from architecture in 2004, I returned to my first love, the 2D world of Photographic Arts. Currently working in YouTube videos and sculpture as well as my continuing work in Photomontage.

I use digital images to create photomontages that capture images to inform and entertain  The composition, colour and content of the individual photos become the components of the montage.  I obtain original images on location or in the studio. The commitment is in Photoshopping – spending time masking, modifying, merging and mixing filtered images together, sometimes one pixel at a time.  The risk is in the final work, meeting my demands and intentions. Does it inform, inspire and draw the viewer in?