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Tiffany Reid

Acrylic, Oil, Pastels/Conté



Tiffany Reid – A contemporary abstract artist, influenced by the natural beauty and sweeping landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Having grown up on the North Shore, she truly has an appreciation for nature’s vibrancy and colours, which find its way into each and every handcrafted piece. Her passionate and uplifting expression of creativity is harmoniously conveyed through out her works.

After attending Emily Carr in 2016, Tiffany has been quickly making her debut throughout the lower mainland. Her works have been featured at City TV, the international show – Raw Artist, and other local business offices around the city.

Tiffany uses acrylics, textured pastes, and recycled material to create her original paintings and mix media sculptures. Each of her pieces are thoughtfully crafted with the aim of taking you on an emotional and sensorial journey.