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Vern Montgomery


Vern is a seasoned acrylic artist who pants rich, colourful local scenes and celebrations in a whimsical style that captures the heart and brings a smile or a chuckle to the viewer.

Vern’s inspiration comes from everyday activities.  Using bold, bright acrylics on canvas, he captures movement, people on the go, animals and plant life, creating cheerful and vibrant caricature-like local scenes, landscapes, popular sites and people, people, people!

Based in North Vancouver, Vern has lived in the Lower Mainland for the majority of his life.  As a stroke and brain aneurysm survivor, he struggles with everyday tasks, but managed to continue drawing and painting – learning to use his left hand, as his right was no longer functioning. Vern finds pleasure in painting life as he sees it.

Nothing brings me greater pleasure than to have someone stop and look at one of my paintings, actually taking the time to study it and then smile.
Vern Montgomery