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Yang Wu

Multimedia Art, Installation Art, Oil Painting


Website: wuyangart.com

Email: wuyangart@gmail.com

An artist who has worked in a variety of mediums, including painting, installation art, multimedia art, and others. After graduating from the Central Academy of Arts and Design in Beijing with a Master’s Degree in textile and pattern design, I studied Fashion Design in London, UK for 3 years. After returning to China, I established my own clothing brand and became the main designer. In my subsequent career as a visual artist and illustrator, my work shows a lot of material details and uses a variety of graphics, while incorporating many traditional elements and customary designs. All of this comes from my early background of study and work. I have held professorships at two universities and have published many books on illustration. My works have been exhibited all over the world. Currently, I am represented by a professional gallery in Vancouver Canada.